City Map

PASIG CITY is approximately 12 kilometers east of Manila, on the southern tip of Pasig River. It is bordered by Quezon City and Marikina City on the North, Mandaluyong City on the West, the province of Rizal on the east and Makati City, Taguig City and municipality of Pateros on the south.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATIONS For a reluctant tourist, the optimal way of going about the city may be hopping into a cab and allowing it to take you on a perfunctory tour. On the other hand, going by any of the public transports available affords you a full experience of Pasig City, teeming with culture and heritage.

On EDSA, you can either take the bus – both northbound and southbound buses stop in front of Robinson’s Galleria, a perfect place to start – or the Metro Rail Transit. The MRT stops at the Ortigas Station from which Robinson’s Galleria is but a leisurely stroll. From Galleria, navigating the rest of Ortigas Center’s “jewel” streets on foot is best.

The quintessentially Filipino ride known as the “jeepney” goes the Pasig-Quiapo (and vice versa) route, which has existed for decades, and travels from the western side of Shaw Boulevard. The modern and cooler spin-off of the jeepney – the “FX” - is available at a terminal on the north side of Robinson’s Galleria.


District 1

District 2