Spanish I

November 14, 1571

The encomienda in Pasig is granted by the Adelantado Don Miguel Lopez to Don Juan dela Isla.

January 20, 1572

The town of Pasig under the province of Tondo is declared a reduction under Fray Alonzo de Alvarado.

July 2, 1573

Pasig was declared as the Visitacion Parish. It is the first Marian Parish in the Philippines and probably in Asia.

April 25, 1587

The Immaculate Concepcion instead of the Visitacion is recorded for the first time as the patroness of the Agustinian convent of Pasig.


Relentlessly persecuted by the Spaniards in Manila, the Chinese took up arms, and in the process, vandalized and burned down the first two churches of Pasig, which were probably made of wood.


The local government under the Spaniards has been in existence for more that 60 years. The first known mayor of Pasig is Don Domingo de Masangcay.


The Chinese rise in arms for the 2nd time and many were killed. News of their death incites the Chinese of Sagar, a visita of Pasig, to revolt and avenge their countrymen’s death. They burn churches and villages in Pasig and San Mateo.


Father Felix de Trillo, parish priest of Pasig, found and builds the religious and educational institution of Beaterio de Sta. Rita de Pasig with a nucleus of 14 virtuous ladies of Pasig and nearby towns.


The Gremio de Mestizos de Sangley (Chinese Mestizos) of Pasig with its own Tribunal.