Submission and Opening of Bids | May 6, 2024

May 6, 2024

EARLIER TODAY | Submission and opening of bids for the procurement of the following items at Meeting Room, 7/F, Pasig City Hal | May 6, 2024
1. Supply and Delivery of Various Drugs, Medicines, and Medical
Supplies for CHAMP/Manggahan Hemodialysis Center | City Health Department (Re-bid)
ABC: PHP 1,390,212.00
2. Supply and Delivery of Four (4) Pick Up Construction Service Vehicle | City Engineering Office
ABC: PHP 7,552,000.00
3. Supply and Delivery of Liquefied Petroleum Gas | Pasig City Children's Hospital (Rebid)
ABC: PHP 1,625,000.00
4. Supply and Delivery of Various Electrical Materials for the
Repair, Replacement of Busted Bulbs, and Installation of Lighting in Various Barangays in Districts 1 & 2 | City Engineering Office
ABC: PHP 11,718,459.50
5. Food Services for the Various Events | Gender and Development Office
ABC: PHP 1,322,400.00
6. Supply and Delivery of Various Construction and Hardware
Materials | Office of General Services
ABC: PHP 46,773,247.50
7. Supply and Delivery of Hand-Woven Sablay for Grade 6 and Grade 12 Graduates under the Schools Division Office of Pasig City for SY 2023-2024 | Education Unit
ABC: PHP 13,653,827.14