Submission and Opening of Bids | June 9, 2023

June 9, 2023

Submission and Opening of Bids for the procurement of the following items at the 7/F Pasig City Hall | Meeting Room | June 9, 2023:

1. Supply and Delivery of One (1) Unit Utility Passenger Van | Pasig City Children's Hospital

ABC: PHP 2,000,000.00

2. Supply and Delivery of ID Card Consumables (Rebid) | Management Information Systems Office

ABC: PHP 2,478,000.00

3. Supply and Delivery of Consumables for Existing Dimension Xpand Plus Chemistry Analyzer | Pasig City General Hospital - Laboratory Department

ABC: PHP 10,254,000.00

4. Supply and Delivery of Trash Bag | Pasig City General Hospital - Utility Section

ABC: PHP 1,704,206.40

5. Printing and Publication of Various Flyers, Posters, and Forms | City Health Department - National Immunization Program

ABC: PHP 1,582,290.00

6. Food Provision for Capacity Building Training Workshop on First Aid with Basic Life Support to All Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel in SDO-Pasig | Education Unit

ABC: PHP 6,489,000.00

7. Provision of Supplies for Comprehensive Maternal Health Service Given to All Pregnant Patients of National Safe Motherhood Program 

ABC: PHP 5,000,000.00