Submission and Opening of Bids | December 4, 2023

December 4, 2023

EARLIER TODAY: Submission and opening of bids for the procurement of the following items at 7/F, Meeting Room | December 4, 2023


1. Generation and Printing of QR codes for the Tree Inventory and Geo-Tagging | City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) | Rebid

ABC: PHP 4,500,000.00

2, Supply and Delivery of Various Construction Supplies and Materials | Office of General Service (OGS) - Asset Management Division | Rebid

ABC: PHP 3,099,991.20

3. Supply and Delivery of Forty (40) Units Phytoremediation Arc | CENRO | Rebid

ABC: PHP 2,000,000.00

4. Supply and Delivery of Various Vehicles | CENRO | Rebid

ABC: PHP 3,125,000.00

5. Supply and Delivery of Various Grocery Items | Solid Waste Management Office | Rebid

ABC: PHP 1,576,000.00

6. Supply and Delivery of Construction Materials and Various Furniture and Fixtures | OGS - Building Maintenance Section | Rebid

ABC: PHP 1,999,983.60

7. Preventive Maintenance of VRF Air Conditioning Units and Fan Coil Units of Pasig City Hall | OGS | Rebid

ABC: PHP 1,903,342.10

8. Supply and Delivery of Various Medical and Dental Supplies | City Health Department (CHD) | Rebid

ABC: PHP 1,957,120.00

9. Supply, Delivery, and Installation of Automated Mass Spectrometry Microbial Identification System | Pasig City Children's Hospital

ABC: PHP 30,000,000.00

10. Supply and Delivery of Various Medical Equipment | Pasig City General Hospital (PCGH)

ACB: PHP 29,999,996.00

11. Supply and Delivery of Office and School Supplies for Various Activities | Office of the Social Welfare and Development 

ABC: PHP 3,227,749.50

12. Supply and Delivery of Drugs and Medicines for Megadialysis Center, CHAMP Hemodialysis, and Manggahan Hemodialysis Unit | CHD

ABC: PHP 5,576,793.00

13. Supply and Delivery of Various Supplies | OGS - Central Supply Management Division 

ABC: PHP 4,004,696.00

14. Supply and Delivery of Various Materials, Supplies, and Hand Tools for the Maintenance and Minor Repair Works for Various Public School Builidings in Pasig City | Schools Division Office  of Pasig

ABC: PHP 13,384,924.10

15. Supply and Delivery of Various Supplies and Materials | PCGH

ABC: PHP 2,547,510.00

16. Supply and Delivery of Various Textbooks and Instructional Materials | Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig

ABC: PHP 5,822,668.50

17. Supply and Delivery of Various Supplies for Various Programs | Pasig City Anti-Drug Abuse Office

ABC: PHP 2,282,928.99   


1. Major Improvement of Two (2) Storey Multi-Purpose Building at Pasig Bliss Village I, Jenny's Avenue, Brgy. Maybunga, Pasig City

ABC: PHP 3,451,017.26

2. Concreting of Pavement and CHB Wall for Linear Park Easement Portion of Napindan River, Brgy. Bambang, Pasig City

ABC: PHP 2,973,400.92

3. Concreting of Linear Park including Tubular Fence Portion of Manggahan Creek (from PCIST Manggahan to Guyabano St.) Brgy. Manggahan, Pasig City

ABC: PHP 2,953,023.26

4. Construction of Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert at GSIS Road, Brgy. Rosario, Pasig City

ABC: PHP 2,487,483.06

5. Major Improvement of Main Gate and Perimeter Fence at Pasig Bliss Village VI, Doña Juliana 2, Brgy. Sta. Lucia, Pasig City

ABC: PHP 2,479,706.88

6. Construction of Drainage System and Sidewalk at Market Avenue (from Parian Creek to Bedaña St.) Brgy. San Miguel, Pasig City

ABC: PHP 1,881,519.78

7. Construction of CHB Lined Canal at Eastern Police District, Brgy. Malinao, Pasig City

ABC: PHP 1,397,407.67

8. Asphalt Overlay Work at Sgt. Santos St., Brgy. Bagong Ilog, Pasig City

ABC:  PHP 1,141,598.94