Submission and Opening of Bids | August 9, 2023

August 9, 2023

EARLIER TODAY: Submission and Opening of Bids for the procurement of the following items at Meeting Room 7/F Pasig City Hall | August 9, 2023: 

1. Supply and Delivery of 53 Units of Various Motor Vehicles for the Re-fleeting Program of the City Government of Pasig's  Departments and Offices | Office of General Services- Motorpool

ABC: PHP 99,644,000.00

2. Supply and Delivery of Consumables for Existing Dimension Xpand Plus Chemistry Analyzer | Pasig City General Hospital - Laboratory Department (Rebid)

ABC: PHP 10,254,000.00

3. Supply and Delivery of Various Drugs and Medicines | Pasig City General Hospital and Pasig City Children's Hospital (Rebid) ABC | PHP1,452,131.26

4. Supply and Delivery of Various Veterinary Drugs, Medicines, and Supplies | Veterinary Services Department

ABC: PHP 3,324,500.00

5. Supply and Delivery of Anti-Rabies Vaccine | Veterinary Services DepartmentABC: PHP 2,250,000.00

6. Supply, Delivery, and Installation of Air Conditioning Units | Pasig City General Hospital - Maintenance Section

ABC: PHP4,911,562.00

7. Supply and Delivery of Various Supplies and Materials | Traffic and Parking Management Office 

ABC: PHP7,599,970.00

8. Food Provision for Various Events | Gender and Development Office 

ABC: PHP1,766,100.00

9. Supply and Delivery of 270 Rolls of Tarpaulin | Public Information Office 

ABC: PHP 1,158,000.00

10. Supply and Delivery of Various Hardware Supplies and Materials | Pasig City Children's Hospital - Facilities Management Section (Rebid)

ABC: PHP 1,823,349.75

11. Supply and Delivery of Various Construction, Hardware Materials, and Supplies for the Repair and Maintenance of Various City-owned Buildings and Facilities (Framework Agreement) (Rebid)

ABC: PHP50,000,000.00

12. Food Provision for Various Activities | Local Youth Development Office (Rebid)

ABC: PHP1,017,000.00