Submission and Opening of Bids | April 1, 2024

April 1, 2024

EARLIER TODAY: Submission and opening of bids for the procurement of the following items at 7/F, Meeting Room | April 1, 2024:
1. Food Provision for Various Activities | Public Employment Service Office
ABC: PHP 1,021,400.00
2. Supply and Delivery of Various Drugs and Medicines for CY 2024 (Rebid) | Pasig City General Hospital and Pasig City Children’s Hospital (PCCH)
ABC: PHP 1,982,265.00
3. Preventive Maintenance and Calibration of Various Hospital Equipment | PCCH
ABC: PHP 4,000,000.00
4. Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant | PCCH
ABC: PHP 1,113,696.00
5. Supply and Delivery of Liquefied Petroleum Gas | PCCH
ABC: PHP 1,625,000.00
6. Supply and Delivery of Various Medical Supplies (Operation Tuli 2024) | City Health Department (CHD)
ABC: PHP 1,195,800.00
7. Supply and Delivery of Various Drugs, Medicines, and Medical Supplies for CHAMP/ Manggahan Hemodialysis Center | CHD
ABC: PHP 13,099,480.00
8. Food Provision for Various Programs and Activities | Pasig Urban Settlements Office
ABC: PHP 4,125,000.00
9. Supply and Delivery of Various Materials for the use of the City Parks and Playground | City Engineering Office
ABC: PHP 17,999,800.00