Flag Raising Ceremony Highlights | May 20, 2024

May 20, 2024

Flag Raising Ceremony Highlights | May 20, 2024
Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto addressed the following during the weekly flag-raising ceremony:
00:01-00:26: Acknowledgment of City officials, departments, personnel, and representatives from national government agencies who attended the flag-raising ceremony, as well as the offices from the Social Services Sector.
00:27-00:50: Mayor Vico shared that last week, various contractors submitted their bids for the redevelopment of the Pasig City Hall. He also mentioned that the temporary City Hall is more or less ready for occupancy.
00:51-01:07: He then asked for the patience and understanding of the City Hall employees because the temporary City Hall doesn't have much office space. However, he assured that there will be enough office space for employees.
01:08-01:26: He also mentioned that some services will remain in the City Hall compound to continue serving the Pasigueños. These include the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs, the Social Welfare Assistance Center, and some services from the City Health Department, such as laboratories, to ensure the continuous flow of services.
01:27-01:41: Mayor Vico mentioned that under the procurement process, the approved budget for the contract (ABC) for the redevelopment of the City Hall amounts to PHP9.6 billion.
01:42-04:13: Mayor Vico then clarified two things:
1. The PHP9.6 billion is just the ABC, not the actual contract price. This means that the actual cost of the City Hall redevelopment might be lowered depending on the qualified bid with the lowest price.
2. The PHP 9.6 billion is not just for the construction of the City Hall building itself. He explained that this ABC includes site development, provisions for information technology (not limited to fiber-optic but also provisions for future technology), and open spaces such as road lots, green spaces not limited to a single floor, evacuation areas, and walkways. He also mentioned that the floor area for the City Hall building alone is 46,000 sqm. Additionally, the open spaces included in the redevelopment cover approximately 20,000 sqm. He then reiterated that the ABC is not just for the City Hall building and the price is not yet final.
04:14-04:28: He also said that he is preparing a general briefer about the upcoming City Hall redevelopment, which will be available for everyone to read. Mayor Vico then said that the general briefer will contain pertinent details about this major project.
04:29-05:34: Mayor Vico requested City Hall employees to help with the relocation and inventory of office equipment and records. He also asked the employees to correct any inaccurate stories that they would be hearing about the redevelopment project.
05:35-05:48: Mayor Vico then said that now is an exciting time to be a Pasigueño because now marks the start of the biggest projects in the history of Pasig City.
To watch the full video of the flag-raising ceremony, click this link: https://bit.ly/2024_FlagCeremonyMay20