Flag Raising Ceremony Highlights | May 13, 2024

May 13, 2024

Flag Raising Ceremony Highlights | May 13, 2024
Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto addressed the following during the weekly flag-raising ceremony:
00:01-00:27: Acknowledgment of City officials, departments, personnel, and representatives from national government agencies who attended the flag-raising ceremony, as well as the host offices from the Economic Sector.
00:28-00:53: Mayor Vico reminded the Tricycle Operation and Regulatory Office (TORO) regarding their previous discussion with various Tricycle Operators and Drivers’ Associations (TODAs) in Pasig City. He reminded them to revisit the things that need improvement concerning permits and various tricycle terminals in the city.
00:54-01:42: He also mentioned the modified work schedule and said that so far, the implementation seems okay but still needs review: according to some City Hall employees, it's difficult to commute to City Hall in the morning because the travel time coincides with the travel time of students going to school. However, the good thing is that the modified work schedule is more favorable for employees who live far away as they can head home before traffic builds up.
01:43-01:56: Mayor Vico also discussed the preparation for the relocation to the temporary City Hall and mentioned that this would require another adjustment. He also acknowledged that surely many will be pleased with the relocation, but most likely some complaints will also arise.
01:57-02:42: He then mentioned that there are offices/departments that will use the Tanghalang Pasigueño as their temporary office to ensure that some of the services remain closer to the majority of the constituents. Mayor Vico thanked the City Hall employees for their sacrifices, knowing that what they are currently doing is difficult, especially the inventory and tagging of office equipment, items, records, and such.
02:43-04:06: Mayor Vico then talked about the reason behind the sudden surge of Pasigueños getting in the queue to be vaccinated for anti-rabies. He said that the cause of this sudden increase of Pasigueños queuing for anti-rabies vaccine is due to a viral news item about an unattended animal bite. Mayor Vico also mentioned that he spoke with other City Mayors and was told that they also experienced a surge at their respective Animal Bite Treatment Centers.
04:07-04:32: He also mentioned that it's fortunate that Pasig City has an adequate supply of vaccines, unlike other local government units that struggled due to the influx of people requiring anti-rabies vaccines. He also noted that it seems like Pasig's stock of vaccines is running low and requested the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), to conduct an information dissemination campaign regarding animal bite treatment processes.
04:33-04:57: Mayor Vico acknowledged the presence of city departments/offices under the Economic Sector — Cultural Affairs and Tourism Office, Market Administration Office, Public Employment Service Office, Cooperative Development Office, Business Permit and Licensing Department, TORO, and DVS.
To watch the full video of the flag-raising ceremony, click this link: https://bit.ly/2024_FlagCeremonyMay13