Flag Raising Ceremony Highlights | March 18, 2024

March 18, 2024

Flag Raising Ceremony Highlights | March 18, 2024
Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto addresses the following during the weekly flag-raising ceremony:
00:01-00:44: Acknowledgment of City officials, departments, and personnel who attended the flag-raising ceremony. Mayor Vico congratulated the four city hall employees who were conferred with the “Employee of the Month” award (from four categories) for January 2024. He said that there are a lot of deserving city hall employees for the said award, which is why moving forward, the Human Resource Development Office (HRDO) will do the awarding ceremony every month.
00:45-01:00: He then said that giving such an award is part of the city government’s Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE), under the Rewards and Recognition pillar of Human Resource Management, to acknowledge city hall’s model employees of the month or for the year.
01:01-01:40: Mayor Vico talked about the HR Excellence Summit for PRIME-HRM Level II that was held last February 29, 2024 in the Philippine International Convention Center. The said event was made possible through the collaboration between the Civil Service Commission and the City Government of Pasig through HRDO.
01:41-02:19: He then highlighted that PRIME-HRM is the professionalization and streamlining of the city government’s human resource processes. He emphasized that the direction of the city, as a government/bureaucracy, is to veer away from patronage politics. He stressed that the city government no longer wants the “padrino system”. Instead, the city government is now shifting towards a merit-based bureaucracy — if an applicant/ city hall employee is competent, then he/she can be hired/promoted or whoever is more qualified will be chosen.
02:20-02:57: Mayor Vico also shared that the City Government of Pasig is one of the few local government units (LGUs) in the country and the biggest one that has been conferred with the PRIME-HRM Level II accreditation. He said that this has been one of the biggest accomplishments of the city government for the past four years.
02:58-03:46: He then explained that whenever something good happens in the city government, the city officials often get the credit. But the truth is when something good happens or a good program is implemented, the only part of the city officials are policy direction and expectation setting, among others. But in reality, the paperwork up to the ground implementation is being done by the city hall employees.
03:47-04:47: Mayor Vico stressed that if everyone is aiming for a better City of Pasig and a more progressive and developed country, one of the key aspects is the reforms and changes that the city government is implementing in human resources. He also reiterated that the administration may have implemented a lot of programs, projects, and activities, but one of the top three (3) programs rolled out was the changes and reforms introduced in the field of human resources. He said that these changes will be gradually beneficial in the years to come.
04:48-05:03: He also stressed that if the human resources are stronger, if city hall employees perform better, and their level of service is higher, then the quality and the level of service of the City Government of Pasig will also improve.
05:04-05:37: Mayor Vico then thanked the employees of HRDO for the successful summit that was attended by various human resource officers of other LGUs and national government agencies from all over the country. The said summit aimed to share the best human resource development practices of the City Government of Pasig.
05:38-06:00: To end his speech, Mayor Vico congratulated HRDO and he likewise extended his congratulations and gratitude to the department heads and HR Coordinators from the city hall offices/departments for their contribution.
To watch the full video of the flag-raising ceremony, click this link: https://bit.ly/2024_FlagCeremonyMarch18