February 19, 2024

Flag Raising Ceremony Highlights | February 19, 2024
Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto addresses the following during the weekly flag raising ceremony:
00:01-00:22: Acknowledgement of City officials, departments, personnel, and representatives from national government agencies who attended the flag raising ceremony, as well as the host sector, Environmental Sector
00:23-01:10: Mayor Vico enumerated the offices categorized under the Environmental Sector and started with the City Environment and Natural Resources Office/Solid Waste Management Office. He mentioned the big programs/projects of the offices, which are the ICE (Innovation for Circular Economy) Hub and the Garbage Collection by Administration. He likewise shared that apart from its ongoing pilot implementation in Brgy. Pinagbuhatan, where 20% of total solid waste in Pasig is sourced from, there is also an ongoing feasibility study on the implementation of the Garbage Collection by Administration in the whole City of Pasig and procurement of additional garbage trucks, among others.
01:11-01:19: Mayor Vico expressed his thanks to the City Parks and Playground for the stage design (plants displayed on the stage).
01:20-02:34: Mayor Vico then proceeded to discuss one of the major projects of the Sanitation Office – the planned accreditation of street food vendors. He shared that it’s a good project, where the City Government will help street food vendors to be accredited – the accreditation process already includes the conduct of inspection, and the provision of a cart, so that people will know that these street food vendors are accredited by the City Government, it follows the sanitation standards of Pasig, thus, their buyers can be assured that their food are clean and safe to consume. The accreditation process is free, or if not, will only have minimal cost to the vendors. This project will soon be rolled out.
02:34 - 03:21: Mayor Vico likewise acknowledged the Maybunga Rainforest Park personnel and highlighted that there’s no need to mention the major projects under that office given that everyone can see the recent improvements in the Park’s facilities. He mentioned that he is looking forward to seeing the further improvements that will be carried out in the City’s largest park and last lung, this year and until next year.
03:22-03:49: Lastly, Mayor Vico called upon the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office. He mentioned that he knows that the office is currently busy conducting lots of activities, most especially, the distribution of Emergency Go Bags to Pasigueños.
03:50-04:02: Mayor Vico ended his speech by thanking the offices under the Environmental Sector for the work that they do for the City.
To watch the full video of the flag raising ceremony, click this link: https://bit.ly/2024_FlagCeremonyFeb19