Flag Ceremony Highlights | January 15, 2024

January 15, 2024

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto addresses the following during the weekly flag raising ceremony:
00:01-00:31: Acknowledgement of City officials, departments, personnel, and representatives from national government agencies who attended the flag raising ceremony, as well as the host offices from the Infrastructure Development Sector.
00:32-00:56: Mayor Vico shared that he visited the newly renovated and inaugurated Maybunga Rainforest Park last weekend to see the result of the beautification project in the said tourist attraction in Pasig.
00:57-01:28: He then enumerated the renovation works that were done in the facilities of the Maybunga Rainforest Park such as in the Senior Citizens’ Park, Kiddie Play Land, and Admin Building.
01:29-09:30: Mayor Vico mentioned that the continuous improvement of the city’s infrastructure projects is attributable to two things:
1. Effective consultation process — there is efficient communication and coordination within the Engineering Department and with the end-users and other related offices. Mayor Vico also noted that the coordination with the Office of the Building Official has also improved.
With these improvements, he said that outputs of city infrastructure projects are much better, with higher quality, and more suitable to the needs of the end-user.
Mayor Vico cited the renovation of the Maybunga Rainforest Park as an example of a successful infrastructure project. He then congratulated the Infrastructure Development Sector for this successful work.
2. Proper implementation — Mayor Vico mentioned that this factor could also be a result of the improved coordination and consultation process and that this factor also covers the reforms made in the procurement process and good housekeeping in the City Government of Pasig.
Mayor Vico shared the difference between the past and current procurement process — from the bidding to the implementation, and monitoring of the infrastructure project.
While significant strides have been made on the City’s procurement process, especially in terms of infrastructure projects, Mayor Vico elaborated on a possible result of an open bidding process that should be looked upon– contractors that are bidding way below the Approved Budget for the Contract but who cannot fully deliver the construction/renovation project – sacrificing the specifications of the materials or quality of the project.
Mayor Vico then shared that implementing change is a step-by-step process. He then likened the implementation of reforms in the local government to crossing a hanging bridge — and Pasig City is now in the middle of the bridge and depending on the pace of its officials, city hall employees, and Pasigueños how fast we could reach the other end of the bridge or the ideal outcome that we are aiming for the city.
He also explained that as the City Government of Pasig strives to continuously implement change and prioritize the bigger areas that need to be focused on, it is now slowly moving towards addressing smaller areas that also have an impact in achieving higher quality infrastructure projects of the city.
09:31-09:39: Mayor Vico then shared his belief that most of the City Hall employees are aligned with the goal that the city wants to achieve.
09:40-10:19: Mayor Vico then mentioned that the successful renovation in the Maybunga Rainforest Park is a proof that the changes implemented are yielding positive results. He also invited everyone to visit the Maybunga Rainforest Park to personally see these improvements.
10:20-10:42: He then expressed his hope to have all City Hall employees work together so that the City Government of Pasig can continuously provide good public service to the Pasigueños.
10:43-11:06: To end his speech, Mayor Vico congratulated the Engineering Department for their work and mentioned that the completed projects are testaments of the change that the city is implementing.
To watch the full video of the flag raising ceremony, click this link: https://bit.ly/FlagCeremony_2024January15