DID YOU KNOW? | Gen. Valentin A. Cruz

May 23, 2024

DID YOU KNOW THAT Valentin Cruz was an illegitimate son of Raymundo, brother of the father of Cipriano Raymundo who would later become a mayor of Pasig? Valentin’s mother was Catalina Antonio. He married Isidora Alvarez and was favored by her parents. They had five children, namely Manuel, Cristina, Maria, Buenaventura, and Catalina.
Valentin Cruz was a member of the Katipunan in 1895. He was active in the revolutionary activities in Pasig, which had its own chapter called Nagsabado. Valentin headed the Sangguniang Bayan ng Pasig under the nom de guerre “Gugol.” Valentin Cruz hosted a crucial Katipunan meeting in his house in May 1896 that was attended by Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo, Emilio Jacinto, and other high-ranking Katipunan officials.
This meeting finalized the launching of an attack against Spain and was later called Asamblea Magna. Valentin Cruz became Brigadier General of Bonifacio soon after Biak-na-Bato. He successfully led the Pasig Katipuneros in seizing the tribunals against the Spaniards at the beginning of the 1896 Philippine Revolution. This event was later called Nagsabado. His troops later joined the rest of the Katipuneros in the Battle of San Juan del Monte.
Not much about his life was mentioned after this significant event. Only that he was one of the Filipino revolutionaries, including Mabini, who were exiled to Guam during the American period. He died at age 97.