Local Government

TRUNKLINE 643-1111
Operator 643-1111 0
Pasig City Employees Cooperative Ms. Teresa A. Sarinas 234-0684
Centralize Printing Office & Education Ms. Valerie-Jo Torres 5244-8139
Payroll Section 642-3195
Landbank Ms. Maria Fides T. Arcillas 640-3746 / 640-3761
Main Entrance/Lobby 372
Business Permit and Licensing Office - (ADMIN) Ms. Melanie B. De Mesa 330
BPLO-Cat 2 Ms. Melanie B. De Mesa 334
BPLO Cat 2 Staff 335
BPLO-Cat 3 Mr. Cesar F. Mendoza 628-4974 336/337
BPLO-Cat 4 Ms. Carolina De Guia 643-4279 338
Cash Section Mr. Manolo C. Concepcion 294
Community Tax Ms. Mary Rose Santos 295
Idle Land Unit Ms. Mary F. Claudio 296
License Office Mr. Jose Giovanni G. Quitiongco 641-1934 292
Staff 293
Miscellaneous Ms. Ma. Jesusa Natividad 293
Real Property Tax (RPT)
RPT-AREA 2 Mr. Anthony T. Espiritu 353
RPT-AREA 3 354
RPT-AREA 4 Mr. Rommel Salvador 355/351
RPT-AREA 6 Ms. Cecilla D. Rivera 356
Treasurer's Office Ms. Marita A. Calaje 641-8198
Staff 291
Ugnayan sa Pasig Center Ms. Rowena R. Dimanlig 458
Accounting Office Ms. Dolores C. Concepcion 642-3263 310
Accounting Staff 311
Assessor's Office Mr. Robert Mina 262
Assessor's Offce Staff 261
BPLO-Cat 1 Atty. Christian B. Villar 332
Local Civil Registry (LCR) Ms. Leriza R. Revilla 380
(LCR) Staff 381
Management Information Systems Office (MISO) Mr. Christian P. Ambrosio 643-1111 0
Techinical Support 371
System Implementer Section 579
MIS ID-Section 541
Solid Waste Mgt. Office District 1 Mr. Allendri B. Angeles 480
Solid Waste Mgt. Office District 2 Ms. Josephine B. Bantilan 359-8503
Barangay Computer Literacy Program Mr. Aquilino Dela Cruz Jr. 640-2848
Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Mr. Dominador A. Bucalbos 628-3395 510
Infra Secretariat Mr. Dominador A. Bucalbos 628-3395 510
City Environment and Natural Resource Office (CENRO) Mr. Allendri Angeles 530
CTDMO Mr. Robert Anthony C. Siy III 560
Records Mgt. & Archives Office Ms. Solita R. Bierras 641-1921
Data Center/Archives 578
Clean & Green Ms. Gilda S. Lavilla 628-0551  
Excavation Office Engr. Carlota C. Cruz 640-3388  
OSCA/Blue Card's Office Atty. Jose Rey Espina 642-2499  
Senior Citizen's Federation Ms. Estrelita Evangelista 642-2499  
General Services Office (GSO) Ms. Romelanie F. Unday-Narciso
GSO-Asset Management Section Ms. Nimfa S. Dorilag 640-4515
GSO-Equipment & Maint. Ms. Romelanie F. Unday-Narciso 210
GSO-Procurement & Pricing 501
Human Resource (HRDO) Ms. Elvira R. Flores 642-3509 490
Appointment Section Ms. Milagros S. Tan  
Claims and Benefits Section Ms. Ma. Luisa N. Buenafe   492
Payroll Section Ms. Aida L. Cortez   493
Records Section Ms. Haidee V. Santos   491
Pasig Employment and Services Office (PESO) Ms. Jelene L. Sison 641-7374
Office of Public Security (OPS) Mr. Danilo Bantilan 641-1918
City Health Department Dr. Georgiana S. Galutera 642-7754 390/391
Drug Testing Dr. Amelito Javier 392
Staff     393
Sanitation Office Dr. Nora T. Dancel 394
Laboratory Ms. Myla A. Espino 395
Legal Department Atty. Josephine L. Bagaoisan 643-1115 410
Consultant Atty. Raul G. Coralde
PRC Survey Section 641-1926
Architectural's Office Arch. Lea V. Olivar 272
Bldg. Maintenance (Dist. 1 & 2) Mr. Melvin D. Perez 641-0439 273
Central Supply Office Mr. Gilbert Malcolm 642-5795 430
Engineering Department Engr. Alfredo Garin 641-3597  
Drainage Maintenance Engr. Neil U. Reyes
Electrical Infrastracture Unit Engr. Ramelle C. Martin 641-4576  
Electrical & Mechanical Permit Engr. Erliza Suela 641-4576
Electrical Maintenance Engr. Samuel P. Hernandez 628-4450  
Flood Control Engr. Minwena P. Gamilla  
Medical Supplies Depot Ms. Rosalina Ramirez 628-3219  
Pasig Housing & Homesite-Estate Mgt. Div. Engr. Josenar F. Caparas 628-3324  
PHRU/Special Project Office Engr. Josenar F. Caparas 628-3324  
Planning & Dev't. Office Engr. Romelo S. Palermo - OIC CPDO 279
Road Maintenance Engr. Virgilio R. Tuazon  
Structural Section Engr. Noel S. Badong  
Survey Section Engr. Kenrick B. Talania  
Vertical I & II Engr. Hermogenes N. Lerio 640-7970
Horizontal Engr. Nicolas M. Cruz 641-1914  
Water Management Engr. Edgar S. Estrada 628-1783  
Urban Poor Affairs Office Mr. Nonesio R. Rivera 628-4139  
Public Information Office Ms. Rowena R. Dimanlig 642-3409 420
Cooperative Development Office Ms. Raquel S. Dela Cruz 640-9188
Building Utility Office Ms. Susan Paulino 628-3396
Building Official's Office Engr. Ireneo B. Moralita 563
Consultant Engr. Noel L. Agustin
Congressman's Office Hon. Roman T. Romulo
Vice-Mayor's Office Hon. Christian C. Bernardo 643-1103 231
Environmental Protection & Human Ecology Presiding Officer 643-4595
City Councilors
District 1
Tourism/Cultural & Spritual Affairs
Cultural & Spritual Affairs/Parks & Playgrounds
Hon. Ferdinand A. Avis 242
Appropriations, Ways & Means
Review of Rules & Laws
Hon. Gregorio P. Rupisan Jr. 643-1163
Appropriations, Ways & Means/Public Relations & Information
Hon. Reynaldo San Buenaventura III
Labor & Employment & Manpower
Development/Non-Government Organizations
Hon. Rhichie Gerard T. Brown 572
Transportation, Communication & Energy
Hon. Regino S. Balderrama 552
Hon. Editha C. Santiago 573
District 2
Peace & Order, Human Rights & Judicial Matters Hon. Rodrigo B. Asilo 642-8202
Trade, Commerce & Industry
Infrastructure/Social Services
Hon. Mario C. Concepcion Jr. 553
Land Use
Games & Amusement
Hon. Orlando R. Benito 628-0857 571
Trade, Commerce & Industry
Good Governance & Discipline (Blue Ribbon)
Hon. Wilfredo F. Sityar 643-1167 237
Gender & Development
Hon. Corazon M. Raymundo 557
Health, Sanitation & Nutrition
Hon. Rosalio D. Martires 643-1175
Sangguniang Panglungsod Secretary Ms. Loida U. Villanueva   240
Staff   246
Asso. Of Barangay Captains (ABC)
Barangay Affairs
Hon. Rigor J. Enriquez   242
SK Federation President Office
Youth & Sports Development
Hon. Georgia Lynne P. Clemente   568
Administrator's Office Atty. Jeronimo U. Manzanero 561
Barangay Affairs Office (BAO) Mr. Aquilino R. Dela Cruz Jr. 209
Consultant Mr. Manuel E. Alba
Consultant Mr. Jovito M. San Andres
Budget Office Ms. Delia Concepcion 642-9122 321
Pasig City Command & Control Center Mr. Bryant Meryll Ruiz Q. Wong 643-0000
Internal Audit Service Unit (IAS) Mr. Napoleon Benito 628-0971
Mayor's Office Hon.Victor Ma. Regis N. Sotto 203
Secretary to the Mayor Ms. Valerie-Jo Torres 203
PLEB Atty. Marcos Maramba 641-5728