City Landmarks


A cenotaph originally constructed in 1932, this monument pays tribute to the courage and leadership of the great Katipunero. Bonifacio headed the KatipunanAssemblea Magna, which launched the revolution known among local historians as Nagsabado.


This 16th century church had weathered revolutions and earthquakes, until August 1968, when an earthquake left severe damage upon the church, silencing its bells and halting its clock.

The church was reconstructed in 1980, the tower of bells and the clock amply restored. October 2003 marked a milestone in the church’s history when it was converted to a cathedral. The church might have been plundered of its treasures during the war but its historical significance is undiminished.


Built before the development of the Ortigas Center in the ‘60s, the Meralco building is an enduring witness to the rise of recent regimes, because of its proximity to the Edsa Shrine, which has become the venue for many a political movement. It houses the main office of the Manila Electric Company and always features a unique display at Christmastime.


Possibly the largest in the country, this public market spans three storeys and 19,475 square meters of floor area. There are approximately 2, 447 fixed stalls, plus some 2, 967 stalls utilized as tiangge (flea market) on weekends. The public market is complimented by a four-storey parking building, complete with a terminal for tricycles on the ground floor, perfect for the throngs of shoppers, even from adjacent cities.


Adventures in Parklife

It's a big city out there and it's growing at an exhausting pace. And when you find yourself always following the same crowd, sometimes it helps to follow your own trail. Sometimes, all you need is the right fix to keep you going.

Whether it’s a refreshing dip in the pool, the adrenaline rush of scaling walls, or just the inner calm that comes with communing with nature, whatever your fix, you can find it in Rainforest Park. And when your visit comes to an end, you may leave a trail behind you, but Rainforest memories would remain with you all the way back to the big city.


Built in 1993 for the Unified Philippine Stock Exchange, this 34-storey twin towers augured the rise of equally marvelous structures in the Central Business District. The topmost levels offer an arresting vista of the rest of Ortigas Center, but if the prospect is a little too lofty (literally) for you, have a cup of coffee among the business types at the lobby, instead.


Located just across the first city hall of Pasig, Plaza Rizal stands in honor of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. The plaza is also in the middle of a number of other historical sites in the area, among them, the Pasig Cathedral, the Pasig City Museum and Bahayna Tisa (House of Bricks).


The University of Life Theater and Recreational Arena, now known as the Philippine Sports Arena is managed by the Department of Education, and has seen countless sports events as well as local and international concerts. Established in 1975, its facilities such as the oval and the swimming pool remain the favored training ground for most local athletes.