1941 December 8

It was the Fiesta of the Immaculate Concepcion, the patroness of Pasig, when war breaks out in the Philippines. Mayor Cipriano Raymundo halts the morning procession to announce the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In panic, the faithful scamper in all directions.

1942 January 2

The invading Japanese forces sent word that they would occupy Pasig that afternoon. Mayor Cipriano Raymundo gathered some men, including his councilors to meet the invaders in front of Cine Victoria movie house. A funny side light is told by the Plaza boys of how Mayor Raymundo thought of serving beers to the invaders.

1942 2nd week of February

In Pasig, two guerilla organizations vied with each other for popular support. The Hunters – ROTC founded by Mike Ver and the markings, founded by Marcus Agustin, an Antipolo bus driver, whose wife, the writer Yay Panlilio, was said to be the brain of this particular group.

1943 October

The second biggest (after 1919) ”Bahang Silangan” or the overflowing of Laguna de Bay (in spanish is Bahia) came, destroying the rice harvest and the hopes of the people.


UP Law graduate Jovito Salonga tops the bar exams.

1945 February 18

American tanks go into position behind Rizal Provincial Hospital as the battle of Pasig begins.

1945 February 19

Pasig guerillas start mopping-out operations against Japanese strongholds. At 9:00 A.M, the American flag is hoisted at the balcony of the Concepcion mansion north of Plaza Rizal.

1945 February 21

The American forces took over the town of Pasig.