City Council

Hon. Christian "Iyo" Bernardo (Vice-Mayor)


Hon. Ferdinand A. Avis

Tourism , Cultural , Spiritual Affairs and Parks and Playground

Phone No: 643-1174 Loc. 244

Hon. Gregorio P. Rupisan Jr.

Appropriation, Ways and Means , Review of Rules and Laws

Phone No: 643-1163 Loc. 233

Hon. Rhichie Gerard T. Brown

Labor and Employment and Manpower Development , Non-Government Organizations

Phone No: 643-1111 Loc. 572

Hon. Reynaldo R. San Buenaventura

Cooperatives , Public Relations and Information

Phone No: 643-1111 Loc. 240

Hon. Regino S. Balderrama

Market , Transportation , Communication and Energy

Phone No. 643-1111 Loc. 552


Hon. Mario C. Concepcion Jr.

Infrastructure and Social Services

Phone No:643-1111 Loc. 553

Hon. Orlando R. Benito

Land use , Games and Amusement

Phone No: 643-1111 Loc.571

Hon. Rodrigo B. Asilo

Housing and Urban Poor , Peace and Order, Human Rights and Judicial Matters

Phone No: 643-1111 Loc. 551

Hon. Corazon M. Raymundo

Education , Gender and Development

Phone No: 643-1111 Loc. 557

Hon. Wilfredo F. Sityar

Trade, Commerce and Industry , Good Governance and Discipline ( Blue Ribbon)

Phone No:643-1167 Loc. 237

Hon. Rosalio D. Martinez

Health, Sanitation, Nutrition and livelihood

Phone No:643-1165 Loc. 245


Hon. Rigor Enriquez (Liga President)

Committee on Barangay Affairs

Phone No: 643-1111 Loc. 242

Georgia Lynne Pansacala Clemente (SK President)

Committee on Youth and Sports Development

643-1111 Loc. 568