British Occupation

1762 November 08

The British occupation of Pasig begins. The British with 500 soldiers attacked Pasig and quickly dispersed the natives. They seize, desecrate and plunder the church and convent, the Beaterio and public buildings. They haul down and melt ancient church bells for conversion into cannons, including the oldest and biggest cast bells in 1573.

The British stayed in Pasig for almost two years.

1964 October 05

Don Baltazar Villela set up two capellanias in his last will to sustain the Confradia Nuestra Señora de la Consolacion whose charitable works multiplied as a result of the war. As the sign of the spiritual vigor of the parish, at least nine other capellanias were set up by pious Pasigueños till the end of the century to help the local church recover its physical resources.

It was apparently during this time that one of the present treasures of the parish “The Retablo” of the Immaculate Concepcion of Pasig was carved by an unknown native sculptor to local motifs like oriental clouds, palm trees, square wells, and the basic structure of the old church of Pasig with its dome and tower as “Solomon’s temple” now known as the Lady of the Apocalypse.