October 07, 2021

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Please be informed that the circulating email on the distribution of Pasig LGU Food Packs for Pasig Employees (as shown in the material) is not legitimate and did not come from the City Government of Pasig.

The City Government of Pasig reminds Pasigueños to always be vigilant and refrain from clicking any link provided from unverified pages or sources as it may be part of the scheme to get personal information from individuals.

For official announcements on City Government of Pasig’s cash aid or any form of ayuda distribution, check the Pasig City Public Information Facebook Page.

When in doubt, you may send an email or Fb message to the Pasig City Public Information Office on the legitimacy of certain correspondences or information materials.

Don't forget to check the following that can help identify fraud correspondences :

Email address: While the name of the sender is tagged as “PASIG LGU” the email address used is not the City Government of Pasig’s official domain (

Form and style of the email/correspondence: Check typo errors and spacing before punctuation marks (i.e., the word “constituents” was misspelled)

Pasig Branding: The email used the Pasig Branding Logo incorrectly (i.e., color)

BONUS: The Mayor’s photo would NEVER appear in any correspondence relating to distribution of goods and provision of City Government services.