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Eusebio rallies City Council behind development goals

Pasig City Mayor Bobby C. Eusebio urged members of the city council to pass vital legislation which will help boost programs to meet the development goals of the city under his new term as chief local executive.

In delivering his speech before the opening session of the Pasig City Council last August 5, Eusebio stressed the need for Pasig City to remain competitive amidst the flurry of activities other cities have done to bolster their development thrust, outlining key areas where new legislation is needed for Pasig to meet its goals over the next three years.

"Far as we may have reached, the finish line is still farther ahead. As much headway we have made in this race, other cities are nipping at our heels, bolstering their position to catch up with us. For us to continue to keep our lead, we need to shift our focus into other areas, shifting paradigms while maintaining the same zeal and devotion that we have been known for," the mayor stressed.

In the area of youth and education, the mayor urged the city council to pass measures to ensure that Pasig City's public education system remains competitive through provision of new classrooms, school supplies as well as the upgrading of the skills of its teachers. He also enjoined the council to pass measures that will empower the Pasig Youth Affairs office to embark on a moral regeneration campaign to help veer the youth against vices and help them channel their energy into creative endeavors

In the health sector, the local executive bared his plans for the expanded coverage of its health card programs, the reactivation of lying-in clinics in key areas in the city and the construction of Pasig's own children's hospital, asking members of the city council to support for the realization of these plans.

Outlining the achievements of the City Government in protecting Pasig's natural resources under the Pasig Green City program, the mayor asked the city council to pass legislation for the strict implementation of the building code and the allocation of open spaces for the Urban Greening project which will bolster the local governments program for the revitalization of the environment.

With the passage of the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Law, Eusebio urged the members of the city council to adopt equivalent ordinance that will help the local government to create resilient communities by shifting focus from emergency and disaster management towards preparedness and mitigation.

With the success of the city government's low-cost and socialized housing program, the mayor urged the city council help the executive branch to procure more lots for the expansion of its housing program.

Jul 29, 2010

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